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Discover, track, and value all your music NFTs in one dashboard.

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The doprNFT beta provides streams and earning forecasts for upcoming music NFT royalty drops

Know the Value of Your Music NFTs

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Why buy something without understanding its value?

Collectors must properly assess the future value of copyrights underlying music NFTs in order to make informed decisions. We believe transparency and proper expectations will build trust in the system, allowing it to grow to its full potential.

dopr's models combine neuroscience, machine listening, massive data warehhouses, and advanced forecasting methods to accurate forecast performance at scale.

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Drop Feed

A single feed that sources music NFT drops from all relevant platforms so you don't have to.

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Neuro-powered performance forecasting that uncovers the future value of music NFTs.

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Add collections to your watchlist to track and receive updates when they are buys.

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All your music holdings in a music-friendly location with music NFT focused tools.

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Our core technology is built on neuroscience findings that show the optimal level of surprise found within and between songs is pivotal in understanding music preference - think tension and release.

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Optimal or Familiar Surprise of Music Preference

We have developed methods to measure this optimal surprise and, when combined with additional data, accurately forecast music's future value as tastes and expectations dynamically change over time.

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On the neuroscience

Music NFT Resources

We are creating comprehensive music NFT directories to provide easy-to-use and accessible resources for collectors and creators. New platforms are popping up every day.

Start here with our NFT Resource Directory

  • NFT Resource Directory
  • Forecasting a music NFT
  • Mapping the MNFT Ecosystem

Music NFTs have the power to change the economic structure of the music industry and the artist-fan relationship.

We must answer the challenges of discoverability and valuation to give rise to a fair playing field, where hidden gems rise to the surface and all sides share in the rewards.

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