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Dopr provides a feed of drops from across the mNFT ecosystem. Dopr helps collectors find the music that means the most to them, regardless of the platform or marketplace.

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By leveraging findings from our founders’ ongoing music neuroscience research program, Dopr forecasts the future performance of music, artists, and mNFTs at scale.

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Track and monitor

Track your mNFTs, monitor performance, and receive actionable alerts as market conditions change. Watch collections, add to calendar, and follow your favorite artists, curators, and platforms.

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Find your fandom

We are building the future of music recommendation that builds deep connection and affinity, focusing on music and projects to fall in love with.


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Our core technology is built on neuroscience findings that show the optimal level of surprise found within and between songs is pivotal in understanding music preference - think tension and release.

We have developed methods to measure this optimal surprise and, when combined with additional data, accurately forecast music's future value and impact as tastes and expectations dynamically change over time.

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Neuro Derived Data

Expectation Violation/Surprise

More on the neuroscience

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